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Generally speaking, the best ice cleats are durable and must perform well in harsh conditions. Depending on frequency of use and the type of terrain you’ll encounter, you need to consider factors such as whether or not to buy disposable ice cleats or those with replaceable spikes, which might prove more cost-effective in the long run. Here are three ice cleats you might consider:


What are the Best Ice Cleats to buy in 2017?

Stabilicers Lite Duty Serious Traction Cleat

Stabilicers Lite Duty Serious Traction Cleat

These cleats come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, so they should be able to fit onto most men and women’s snow boots. The cleats are made of rubber to ensure serious traction and grip on slippery and wet surfaces. Furthermore, the cleats feature lightweight TPE Elastomer which functions to attach the cleats securely on the base of your boots. Bear in mind that these are light duty cleats, so while they are good for everyday use, they might not be suitable for heavy-duty snow activities. A benefit of light duty cleats is that they are lightweight and portable; all you have to do is remove them and slip them into your pocket if they’re not needed.

Reviewers said that these cleats provided good traction and most importantly, kept them from falling in the ice and snow. They are comfortable to wear and it is also convenient to put them on and remove them. Customers found the cleats to be well made. Do be aware that it is slippery and dangerous to walk on these cleats if there is no ice. One consistent complaint was that the sizing tends to run too big, so the cleats ended up coming off some boots. However, this product does come highly recommended by reviewers.

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32 North STABILicers Ice Cleats

Stabilicers Original Heavy Duty Traction Cleat, Black, X-Large

These cleats come in sizes ranging from double extra small to double extra large, so there’s a whole host of sizes to choose from. In order to sure the best fit, the cleats can be adjusted to fit any snow shoe or boot. Unlike the above cleats, these are heavy duty cleats, meaning that they are suitable for use in ice, snow crust and river bottoms. Also available are 34 replaceable cleats, so these cleats can be changed before they become worn out.

These sturdy cleats have kept a lot of satisfied customers safe from the snow and ice. Not only are they well made, the cleats provide fantastic traction and grip. Most users thought that the cleats were solidly built and the quality of the construction received tonnes of praise. The Velcro snaps fit snugly on snow boots yet the cleats remain comfortable to use. On the whole, customers agree that the cleats are a worthy investment.

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Yaktrax Walker Traction Cleats

Yaktrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice

You won’t have to worry about finding the right fit as these cleats come in sizes from extra small to large. Also, they come in three colors: black, clear and glow. Made of a special polu elastomer blend, these cleats have been designed and constructed to allow you to walk naturally on packed snow and ice. Featuring a spikeless, ultra lightweight design, these cleats not only provide good traction but offer a good and light tread as well. Thanks to the skid lock coil system, the cleats maintain a firm grip on the ground to keep you from slipping or falling. Finally, the cleats spikes are made of 1.2mm steel coils which are abrasion and rust-resistant.

According to reviewers, these cleats were very easy to put on and remove. Moreover, they could be taken off and placed in a pocket or bag when not needed. In terms of performance, the clears offered good traction. They also fit well with most boots. Despite these positive comments, users did notice that the quality of the cleats did not come up to par. The cleats broke or became worn after only a few uses, which made customers doubt the quality of construction of the cleats.

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Buying the Best Ice Cleats

Out of the three pairs of ice cleats on review, the 32 North STABILicers Ice Cleats have received the best customer feedback, so we’re going with these. The most important function of ice cleats is to prevent falls which could be dangerous or even fatal, so the best ice cleats are an essential investment for wintertime.

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